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“From idea to concept. We create sustainable concepts, develop and design meaningful products, and are always looking for innovative collaborations.”

Our products are our proof-of-concept. As a creative studio, we stand for local craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation. We have the vision to change the consumer society by showing the value of minimalism. In addition to our own products, we also work with other brands. Always with the mission to inspire and thereby enable people to use more meaningful and responsible products and services.

We are open to collaborate in an innovative way. It doesn’t matter where you from, as long as you stay close to yourself as a person, but also as a brand. Talent and ambition are everywhere. Would you like to work with us as a PR agency? Or do you feel the urgency to make your brand more sustainable? Are you looking for a new innovative concept or collection? Don’t hesitate to contact us: 

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