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The Brand Laauw
Our products are our proof of concept. It is our stage on which we show our qualities. It gives us the creative freedom to always convert our inspiration into meaningful products, or to always give a chance to the innovative collaborations that cross our path.

In 2016 our brand originated from a deep-rooted passion for creating, for making meaningful, qualitative and honest products. At the end of 2022, we had to make the choice to discontinue in our current form. It has not been an easy choice, but it was the best choice for our brand. Due to the Covid-19 period, we lost sight of our identity. We needed time to reinvent ourselves. We stopped, the door literally and figuratively closed. But this also opened a new door. Back to the core, the passion to create and collaborate. From here the new brand was born, Studio Laauw. A creative studio from a collaboration with local professionals.

Studio Laauw stands for local craftsmanship, sustainability and full transparency. From the very beginning, we have therefore worked with our own factory, located in the heart of this industry, Waalwijk. We want to change the consumer society. We want to show you the value of minimalism by making products that last for generations. We choose the best and therefore lifelong quality, both in the materials and the craftsmanship, which allows us to offer our customers a lifelong guarantee. We don’t work with suppliers, but we made them partners. Our brand exists because we work with the best local professionals. We believe that these people are also entitled to a piece of Laauw, so they became our partners in stead of our suppliers.

We believe that we owe it to our customers to be the best in our field. By remaining constantly innovative, we try to positively influence the future of our craft. Through our years of experience and knowledge in the field of leather products, we can achieve this. We only work with the best materials and only vegetable tanned, so that we can guarantee quality and a lifelong guarantee to our customers. We work with our own factory in our own region, Waalwijk, so that we can achieve full transparency. We share everything with our customers and see this as the future way of working. We call it radical transparency.

The Brandmovie | Home of leather goods
“A new benchmark for the art of contemporary leather goods.”

The brand has been developed in honor of its roots, the heart of the leather industry. Studio Laauw is changing the perception of the leather craftsmanship. In partnership with local craftsmen and innovative leather laboratories, Studio Laauw brings the values behind traditional leather craftsmanship to the 21st century.

From that stems the catch phrase “Home of leather goods”, the place where the origin lies. Far away from the busy running fashion capitals, back to basics in search of timeless craft. Talent and ambition are everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you from, as long as you stay close to yourself.

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